How to Draw a Hummer H1

In this easy drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a Hummer H1 step-by-step drawing tutorial. Lots of drawing guides on How to Draw Easy!

how to draw a hummer H1 for beginners
how to draw a hummer H1 step by step

Welcome to drawing lesson how to draw a Hummer H1. In this guide, we show you how to sketch a Hummer pickup truck, which is based on the American military car. We will also tell you a little about the characteristics of this car! The width of this model is 2200 mm, the length of this Hummer is 4686 mm, and the height is 2010 mm. The engine of this car is quite powerful as the car itself is very large. It has 305 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate to 100 km per hour in 13.5 seconds.

Now let’s step by step sketching of this cool Hummer pickup truck!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to draw a Hummer H1

  1. Draw the guidelines.

    First, sketch out the basic guidelines for the car, which are illustrated in the example.american military car drawing

  2. Bottom lines.

    Now you need to add sketches to the sketch of the lower part of the car, these are the wheel arches and other details from the step.military car sketching tutorial

  3. Detail the top.

    Following the guidelines, detail the roof and the rest of the top lines of the car.military car sketch easy

  4. Draw the bullbar.

    Add the rest of the body lines to the drawing, which will more and more detail your sketch, also at this stage you need to depict the bullbar of this Hummer.military car sketching for beginners

  5. Draw windows and doors.

    Draw all the windows and doors of the Hummer’s car. The windows and doors of this car are quite simple to sketch because the shapes of the windows and the Hammer, in general, are squared, and this greatly simplifies the drawing of windows and to sketch american military

  6. Headlamps and body parts.

    The step in which you need to add all the line design on the body of the Hummer, and also draw the headlights of the car. Don’t forget to depict the Hummer radiator as to sketch military suv

  7. Draw the wheels.

    Moving on to sketching the bottom of the car, you need to sketch the details of the bottom of the car, and then depict the round wheels of the Hummer.sketching hummer car

  8. Depict the rims.

    So, you have already depicted the wheels, so now it remains to depict the rims of the car. These disks will also be easy to draw, unlike many other rims, because they are very small and elementary in appearance.hummer h1 drawing tutorial easy

  9. Sketch hatching.

    You just need to add some hatching to your sketch. This will make your sketch the most detailed and voluminous to look at.hummer h1 drawing tutorial for beginners

  10. Sketching is complete!

    The sketching stage is over, now it remains to color the drawing if you want! Use your favorite coloring materials, such as colored markers, pencils, or paints. We are waiting for you again in our step-by-step drawing to draw a hummer car easy

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