How to Draw a Hot Dog for Kids

Learn how to draw a hot dog for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for schoolers and preschoolers.

How to Draw a Hot Dog for Kids
How to Draw a Hot Dog Step by Step

Hello! In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw a hot dog for kids. Everyone knows what a hot dog is – a type of fast food that is very popular due to its ease of preparation. It’s a sausage in a sauce wrapped in a bun, and the result is a snack that adults and kids alike love.

A hot dog is most often a simple snack, so it is customary to eat it without dishes and cutlery. There are versions that putting a sausage in a bun was invented in order not to get your hands dirty and not burn. You can draw fast food in just a few simple steps.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Hot Dog for Kids

  1. Start draw a bun.

    The bun should be a small, curved, long oval.
    Easy Drawing Hot Dog

  2. Add sesame seeds.

    Small particles of sesame seeds should be evenly distributed throughout the bun.
    How do you Draw a Hot Dog

  3. Draw a sausage.

    Behind the bun, draw a long oval with the same curve as the bun.
    Hot Dog How to Draw

  4. Add the sauce.

    Draw a layer of mustard on top of the sausage.
    How to Draw a Simple Hot Dog

  5. Add a second bun.

    Our drawing is almost ready, it remains only to draw another half of the bun with the same bend.
    How to Draw an Easy Hot Dog

  6. Color the drawing.

    The buns can be colored light brown, the sausage can be colored burgundy, and the mustard can be yellow.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Hot Dog

We hope that this was a useful and informative lesson for you. Be sure to show your new drawing to friends and family. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with other drawing lessons for kids.

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