How to Draw a Hedgehog

Draw a hedgehog using our step-by-step drawing guide. You will learn how to draw a hedgehog easily even if you are a beginner, as our tutorials are very clear and simple for all skill levels.

How to Draw a Hedgehog
How to Draw a Hedgehog Step by Step

Welcome to our step-by-step drawing tutorial! Here you will learn how to draw a hedgehog using our simple and easy-to-follow instructions! Let’s first learn a little bit about these animals, and then we’ll get right into the drawing steps!

Hedgehogs are small animals that typically have spines on their back. There are many different species of hedgehogs that live all over the world, from Africa to Europe and Asia. Hedgehogs usually live in forests, parks, gardens, farms, and suburban areas.

Hedgehogs feed on various insects, worms, and fruits. Hedgehogs are very useful for gardens and farms as they can protect plants from pests that can hinder farm development.

Hedgehogs are very smart animals and can remember routes to return to their home. They can also hibernate in their burrows during the winter months.

Unfortunately, hedgehogs face many threats, including habitat loss, car accidents, and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is very important to preserve their natural habitat and respect these wonderful animals. Now, let’s move on to the drawing process!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Hedgehog

  1. Draw ovals for the parts of the face.

    Begin with the contours of the parts of the face as shown in the example. You need to draw the eyes and nose.Easy Hedgehog Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add details.

    Under the hedgehog’s eyes, add the mouth using a curved line, then draw the pupils and eyebrows of the hedgehog.How to Draw a Hedgehog Face

  3. Outline the head.

    Outline the line of the face, forehead, and ear of your hedgehog.Hedgehog Face Drawing

  4. Draw the belly.

    Outline the underneath of your hedgehog by drawing the belly. Also, detail the ear.Hedgehog Drawing for Kids

  5. Draw the hedgehog’s back.

    Draw the spines on the back of your cartoon hedgehog using zigzag lines as in the example.Cartoon Hedgehog Drawing

  6. Texture the back.

    Texture the back of your hedgehog by adding spines as in the example.Cute Hedgehog Drawing Easy

  7. Add the legs.

    Now, under the body of your hedgehog, draw the legs.Cute Hedgehog Drawing

  8. Color the cartoon hedgehog.

    Use shades of beige and brown to color your hedgehog.Hedgehog Drawing

Thank you for being with us and creating such a great hedgehog drawing! We are waiting for you at other animal drawing tutorials, as well as guides on drawing characters, cars, and even plants!

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