How to Draw a Hamster

Draw a cute hamster step by step with us! This really easy drawing guide will show you how to draw a hamster easily, even for kids.

Hamster Drawing Guides
How to Draw a Hamster Step by Step

Welcome to this step-by-step drawing tutorial, where you will learn how to draw a hamster. Even kids can draw such a cute and funny rodent, because the drawing guide was created for beginners.

Hamsters are small rodents that are popular pets. There are more than 20 types of hamsters, which differ in size and coat color. They live in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Hamsters eat a variety of plants, seeds, vegetables, and sometimes small insects.

Hamsters have become popular pets because of their small size and adorable appearance. Do you love hamsters?

Currently, there are many different breeds of hamsters that differ in color, size, and character. Hamsters have become popular pets among children and adults, they are easily tamed and quickly get used to humans.

Let’s now start the process of drawing this cute animal. The distinctive details of this pattern are the big hamster cheeks, closed eyes, cute little body and funny limbs. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Hamster

  1. Draw the outlines of the cheeks.

    Using three curved lines, form the outlines of the hamster’s cheeks and faces.Hamster Face Drawing

  2. Draw the head.

    Draw the top of the hamster’s head using a curved line, as in the example.Drawing of a Hamster

  3. Draw the ears.

    On both sides at the top of the head draw small hamster ears.How to Draw a Hamster for Kids

  4. Add the eyes.

    Using two curved lines, draw the hamster’s closed eyes, then add the hamster’s eyebrows using ovals.How to Draw a Hamster Head

  5. Detail the face.

    Following the example from the step, draw a small hamster nose and the open mouth.Drawing Cute Hamster

  6. Add the details.

    Draw the hamster’s teeth, then add the tongue.Easy to Draw Hamster

  7. Outline the body.

    Now, you need to draw the body of your hamster using two curved shapes that will connect at the bottom. Then draw the small cartoon arms of the hamster.Hamster Drawings Easy

  8. Add the legs.

    Under the body of the hamster, draw the legs using two shapes, as in the example.Step by Step Hamster Drawing

  9. Color the hamster.

    You can start by tracing the sketch using a black marker or fountain pen, and then add color to the drawing using crayons or other coloring tools.Hamster Drawing

Your cute cartoon hamster drawing is ready, and you are one step closer to drawing even better! Draw and practice with our step-by-step drawing lessons, because we try to create beautiful guides for you. Thank you!

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