How to Draw a Hamster for Kids

In this simple drawing lesson you will learn how to draw a hamster very easy for kids. Scroll down the page to see a step-by-step collage and start drawing.

How to Draw a Hamster for Kids
How to Draw a Hamster Step by Step

In this elementary step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw a hamster for kids. A hamster is a rodent that belongs to the hamster family. There are about 19 species of these animals. Hamsters are very popular household friends of people, they are very cute and funny.

We tried to create a simple hamster guide so that everyone can easily draw a cute animal very quickly. We hope this simple guide will help you sketch out a hamster. Enjoy the process!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Hamster for Kids

  1. Draw the hamster’s nose.

    Start by drawing a triangular hamster nose like in the example. The nose in the drawing will be a mark that will help connect all parts of the face around the nose.Hamster Nose Sketch

  2. Start drawing the muzzle.

    Now draw the large cheeks of the hamster, which are on both sides of the hamster’s nose and resemble an inverted number 8.Cute Hamster Drawing

  3. Draw the head of the hamster.

    Now draw an oval shape for the hamster’s head as shown.Hamster Drawing Tutorial

  4. Add eyes.

    Draw two small circles for the shape of the eyes. Above the eyes, use curved lines to draw the hamster’s eyebrows.Easy Hamster Drawing

  5. Add ears.

    Draw small circles on the sides of the head for the shape of the ears.How to Draw a Hamster Face

  6. Draw the teeth.

    Draw the shape below, as in the example, in the middle of which there is a small vertical line dividing the hamster’s teeth in two.How to Draw a Hamster Head

  7. Detail the drawing.

    Draw several lines of different sizes on each side of the hamster’s face.How to Draw a Cartoon Hamster

  8. Body shape.

    Draw the body of the hamster as in the example.How to Draw a Cute Hamster

  9. The front feet of the hamster.

    Draw simple rounded fore feet for the hamster.How to Draw a Hamster Easy

  10. Draw the hind legs.

    Draw small ovals for the hind legs under the torso.How to Draw an Easy Hamster

  11. Color the hamster.

    Now you just have to color your creation, and the process of drawing a hamster can be considered complete. Before coloring, you can trace the contours of the pencil sketch with a marker or ink.How to Draw a Hamster

Thank you for using our drawing lessons and creating wonderful drawings! To see more drawing tutorials, check out our website and the categories on the home page.

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