How to Draw a Gorilla

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a gorilla easily. Take a look at the below step-by-step collage, depicting each step you will take to achieve a great looking gorilla drawing!

Gorilla Drawing Tutorial for Beginners
How to Draw a Gorilla Step by Step

We are glad to see you in this step by step gorilla drawing lesson! Gorillas are amazing creatures that are among the largest primates in the world. They are very powerful and at the same time gentle animals that live in tropical forests. Let’s dive into the world of drawing together, in which you will learn how to draw a gorilla in this simple style! This is a tutorial for everyone from beginners to experienced artists who want a cool example to draw their cartoon gorilla.

Gorillas are the largest land primates that live in the rainforests and mountainous regions of Central and West Africa. They are divided into two types: eastern gorillas and western gorillas.

Eastern gorillas are the larger of the two species. They have long arms and short legs, which helps them move on all fours in dense forests. They also have powerful jaws and teeth that help them easily crush hard nuts and tree bark.

Western gorillas are smaller but still large animals. They have shorter arms and longer legs, making them more agile for ground movement, and not just difficult woodlands.

These were interesting facts about gorillas, but now it’s time to start drawing! Let’s get started!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Gorilla

  1. Outline the face.

    Start by sketching the outline of your cartoon gorilla’s face. 
    Gorilla Face Drawing

  2. Add facial features.

    Draw the gorilla’s eyes in the already drawn shape of the face, and then add the upper parts of the gorilla’s nostril shapes. 
    How to Draw a Gorilla Face

  3. Detail the face.

    Now you need to draw the gorilla’s nostrils, as well as its mouth, using a curved line. 
    How to Draw a Cartoon Gorilla

  4. Outline the body.

    Once you have drawn all the details of the head, move on to sketching the upper part of the gorilla’s head and torso. 
    Gorilla Simple Drawing

  5. Add the first limbs.

    This step demonstrates how to draw the leg and arm of your gorilla. Draw these two limbs following the example from this step. 
    How to Draw an Easy Gorilla

  6. Add the arm.

    Now draw the gorilla’s second arm along with its hand. 
    How to Sketch a Gorilla

  7. Add the leg.

    Draw the gorilla’s second leg, which visually appears behind the body. In addition to the leg, add the gorilla fur texture, as in the example.
    Step by Step Gorilla Drawing

  8. Detail the torso.

    Following the example in this step, detail the chest and belly of your gorilla. 
    Cartoon Gorilla Drawing

  9. Add the limb details.

    To finish the drawing process, add the hand of one arm, then add the feet of your gorilla as shown in the example. 
    How to Draw a Gorilla Easy

  10. Color your drawing.

    Take your favorite coloring tools and add colors to your drawing. Also, you can make your drawing more crisp by tracing the outlines with black marker.How to Draw a Gorilla

Here you learned how to draw a gorilla! We hope that our lesson was useful and interesting for you. We have shown you how to draw a cartoon gorilla step by step from basic outlines to details.

Thank you for choosing our lesson!

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