How to Draw a Goblin for Kids

Draw a goblin with this tutorial on How to Draw a Goblin for Kids step by step! It’s easy if you often practice and pay attention to detail.

How to Draw a Goblin for Kids
How to Draw a Goblin Step by Step

Hello everyone! We are glad to welcome you to our new drawing lesson, where you will learn how to draw a goblin for kids. In appearance, this creature is not particularly beautiful. However, we are sure that the process of drawing a goblin will be very interesting.

Goblins are mysterious creatures that live in the depths of the earth and forests. They have short stature, crooked legs and arms, and sharp teeth and claws. Goblins are known for their cruelty and cunning, often attacking humans and other creatures to steal their prey or simply kill for pleasure.

Despite their danger, goblins also have amazing abilities. They can see in the dark, have incredible strength and agility, and also possess magical abilities. Some goblins can teleport or change their size to hide from persecution.

Goblins live in clans and usually follow their own rules and laws. They do not recognize any other forms of government or social norms. Instead, they follow their own interests and often come into conflict with each other or with other beings.

We have compiled a simple and detailed instruction in which all stages of drawing are spelled out. To make the drawing, we need only nine simple steps. Follow all these instructions, and then a great drawing is guaranteed!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Goblin for Kids

  1. Start drawing the goblin’s head.

    Draw a convex semicircular line, and connect one horizontal line from below.
    Sketching Goblin

  2. Draw the ears.

    Draw pointed ears on the right and left sides of the head. Depict two small lines in the middle.
    How to Draw a Goblin Head

  3. Draw the eyes and eyebrows.

    The eyes are round with black dots inside. Draw in short lines of the eyebrows above the eyes.
    How to Draw a Simple Goblin

  4. Draw the face to the end.

    Draw the nose in a semicircle between the two eyes. Then draw the mouth. To do this, draw a horizontal line under the nose and teeth above it.
    How to Draw a Goblin Face

  5. Start drawing the clothes.

    Draw the shirt as shown in the instructions. Note that the bottom of the shirt is ripped and needs to be drawn with a zigzag line.
    How to Draw a Goblin Easy

  6. Draw the hands.

    Draw 4 fingers on each hand. Also, don’t forget to add a little complement to the shirt: draw a flaw with a line.
    How to Draw an Easy Goblin

  7. Draw the pants.

    At this stage, you need to draw the goblin’s pants.
    Goblin How to Draw

  8. Draw the boots.

    Draw horizontal oval boots under the pants.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Goblin

  9. Color your drawing.

    Color your goblin drawing using coloring tools such as crayons, watercolors, markers or colored pencils.
    How to Draw a Goblin

Your beautiful goblin drawing is ready, now you can start other drawings! Try to draw a huge orc using our step-by-step drawing tutorial. We hope that we will help you in mastering the skills of drawing!

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