How to Draw a Galaxy

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a galaxy step by step. This is an easy drawing tutorial for beginners and anyone who wants to draw a galaxy.

Galaxy How to Draw
How to Draw a Galaxy Step by Step

Welcome to the! The galaxy is so large and powerful that it attracts many people to study it. That is why we have prepared for you a guide on how to draw a galaxy step by step because you need to get acquainted with space both through science and through creativity and drawing.

The galaxy is a huge system that consists of many stars, dust, gas between stars, dark matter, energy. All this is connected with each other by the force of gravitational interaction. The number of stars may differ from one galaxy to another, but galaxies typically contain anywhere from a few million stars to several trillion stars. There are a huge number of stars in the galaxy, but besides stars there is also cosmic fog, and the distance between different galaxies reaches millions of light years, it’s amazing, isn’t it? Galaxies have their own mass, but a large fraction of the mass of a galaxy is not stars, but the dark matter of the galaxy and its energy. We really hope that scientists will soon study these dark matter, but at the moment, unfortunately, this topic is not so deeply studied.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Galaxy

  1. Draw the base.

    First, draw a rectangle in which you will need to draw this entire cosmic galactic scene. After the rectangle draws the first lines of the galaxy shape following the example.Universe Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add the next shape.

    Add the following details to the sketch and the shape of the galaxy. At this stage, the shape of the galaxy is very similar to the head of the sonic character, right?Space Sketch Tutorial

  3. Left part.

    Now draw the following details, these are the lines on the left side of the picture, which you need to carefully direct downward because the shape of the galaxy is as if it were spinning.Space Sketching Tutorial

  4. Bottom part.

    Now draw the last part of the outermost ring line of the galaxy. This will finish drawing the first and largest part of this drawing.Drawing Tutorial Space

  5. Middle part.

    The outer part of the drawing is ready, now you need to draw the inner part, which is smaller than the outer one. Draw it using the same method you used to draw most of the outer part of the galaxy.How to Sketch Space Scene

  6. Next part.

    So, now, using the same principle, draw another inner spiral part of the galaxy. Each of these rings will create the visual shape of the galaxy as it actually is in space.How to Drawing Galaxy Easy

  7. Small spiral.

    The large rotating parts are drawn, so now we need to draw a small spiral, which has only two rotating side parts.How to Drawing Galaxy

  8. Oval and details.

    As you can see in the example, you need to draw a small oval, which is in the very middle of the galaxy. Also, you need to draw small details that are in the outer part of the galaxy, just follow the example from this step.Galaxy How to Drawing

  9. Draw the stars.

    The spiral shape of the galaxy has already been drawn, so now we need to draw the stars that are around the middle part. Draw enough stars to make the drawing look natural. You can draw the stars very easily, you just have to draw many small circles, which you will leave white while painting the rest of the space black.How to Drawing Galaxy Simple

  10. Color the drawing of the galaxy.

    The sketching part is finished, now we need to do the coloring. Start at the very middle, which you want to paint in the brightest color, for this you can use yellow. After that, gradually paint each next part of the spiral in a darker color. In addition to red shades for your drawing, you can use any other color, such as blue or purple.How to Draw a Galaxy

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