How to Draw a Fish Easy

Get ready for a fun and rewarding experience as you’re about to learn how to draw a fish easy! When drawing a fish, start with the basic outline of its body shape and add its distinctive features such as fins and tail.

How to Draw a Fish
How to Draw a Fish Step by Step

Good day! In this lesson, we will show how to draw a fish easy. Fish are special vertebrate representatives of the fauna that are in the course of their existence (or most of it) in the water.

Fish varied in their appearance and structure, however, there are some signs that are inherent in most of these unusual animals. Among them are pectoral and ventral fins, a fin on the back and other characteristics.
How is the age of a fish determined? This can be done by paying attention to the growth rings located on its scales. The fact is that during the life of the fish changes – and along with it, its scales gradually increase. Annual rings will tell you at what age the animal is now.

Drawing a fish is an easy and fun activity. Let’s start!

Time needed: 20 minutes

  1. Draw the body.

    The body has an oval shape, which gradually narrows and finally takes the form of a figure, pointed at both ends.
    Fish Drawing

  2. Draw the eye and the mouth.

    Draw an oval closer to the left side of the body. Inside the oval, add another smaller oval – the fish pupil. Then draw the parted mouth as shown in the instruction example.
    Easy Drawing Fish

  3. Draw the gill cover.

    First you need to complete the drawing of the eye, for this add light reflection in the eyes. Then step back a small gap from the eye and draw a wide arc, which is the gill cover.
    Sketching Fish

  4. Draw the dorsal and pectoral fins.

    Draw two slashes above the back. Then connect them with a smooth curved line. Then, next to the gill cover, draw a small arc. Draw two curves from it and connect them. Do not forget to erase the excess line in the area of ​​transition to the mouth with an eraser.
    How to Draw a Fish Simple

  5. Draw the tail and rear fins.

    The tail “motor” is depicted as follows: draw a pair of slightly curved arcs that connect to each other. Then on the right side of the body, draw a fin as shown in the picture.
    Fish Drawing Guides

  6. Add the pattern.

    The elements of the pattern on the body of the fish are also important details. In shape, they look like halves of ovals. Please note that closer to the caudal fin, the figures decrease in size.
    Fish Drawing Tutorial

  7. Detail the fins.

    On each of the fins, add a few oblique lines.
    Drawing Fish

  8. Color your drawing.

    We’ve shaded our fish using yellow and orange. You can use a different color for your fish. Before the coloring process, try tracing the outlines of the pencil sketch with ink or a marker.
    How to Draw a Fish Easy

Congratulations! Your cartoon fish is ready! Share your artwork with your friends, and try to draw this fish together, because the practice in drawing will only benefit you.

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