How to Draw a Fireplace

Learn how to draw a fireplace easy enough for kids and beginners, start a sketch with this instruction. Step by step cozy fireplace drawing guide.

How to Draw a FirePlace
How to Draw a Fireplace Step by Step

In this step by step guide, you will learn how to draw a fireplace. A fireplace is a cozy detail that is both a decoration and a way to heat a room or house.

Nowadays, a fireplace as a means of heating a house is not so popular, but it remains a very popular detail in homes. Previously, when there was no electricity or other heating methods, hearth were a very important detail in the homes of people from different countries and cultures. Also, many people associate fireplaces with Christmas, since on the eve of this holiday, children traditionally hang Christmas stockings on the fireplace and wait for Santa Claus to leave gifts for the children in these beautiful stockings. In addition to the fireplace, try sketch Christmas stockings or other things or characters that are associated with Christmas.

The drawing has a fairly easy level of complexity, so be sure that you will succeed, since specifically to simplify the process, detailed step-by-step instructions will be prepared below with a description of each step. Enjoy drawing and practice! Practice often and use our instructions, which we create from the bottom of our hearts and with love for our readers!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Fireplace

  1. Draw the top.

    Begin by drawing the top shelf of the fireplace using straight lines.Easy Fireplace Sketch

  2. Add detail.

    Now sketch out the lower part of the top shelf of the fireplace.Fireplace Artwork

  3. Draw the hearth.

    Now add the lower part of the fireplace which is the hearth. Also add a third fireplace top line.How to Drawing a Fireplace

  4. Draw the shape.

    Add the side lines of the fireplace, which will create the basic shape of the brick part of the fireplace. Aside from the side lines, start drawing the brick parts of the fireplace that are at the bottom.Fireplace Easy How to Draw

  5. Firefront detail.

    Now sketch out the legs of the firefront. This is a metal structure on which firewood is laid.How to Sketch a Fireplace

  6. Draw the bricks.

    Now let’s move on to detailing the fireplace by drawing a brick mantel.How to Draw a Fireplace for Beginners

  7. Small bricks.

    Now draw the little bricks as well as the wood that is on firebox.Easy Fireplace Drawing

  8. Draw fire.

    In this step, you need to draw the middle of the fire and also draw the bricks at the bottom of the fireplace.Fireplace Drawing

  9. Draw the flame.

    Detail the firebox by adding the main part of the flame, and also add the bottom of the firewood.Fireplace Drawing Tutorial

  10. Firebox details.

    Now draw curved lines inside the firebox, which are parts of the light from the flame.How to Draw a Fireplace Simple

  11. Color your fireplace.

    Your fireplace illustration is ready, and now you need to color your artwork using your favorite coloring supplies. Before coloring, you can trace the contours of the sketch using an ink pen or marker, for example.How to Draw a Fireplace Easy

Excellent! We hope that we helped you create a cool artwork of fireplace that you can share with your friends. And you can also share this simple instruction with your friends on social networks, and we advise you to sketch this cozy structure with friends together! Thank you for being with us, and we will be glad to see you again.

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