How to Draw a Fire Truck for Kids

In this drawing lesson for kids, you will learn how to draw a fire truck. Start drawing with us and you will create a great drawing!

How to Draw a Fire Truck for Kids
How to Draw a Fire Truck Step by Step

Hey! In this lesson, we will show you how to draw a fire truck for kids step by step. This fire engine drawing tutorial will especially appeal to the youngest artists as it is very simple and requires minimal drawing skills, pencils, and paper to draw a car. A fire truck is a vehicle driven by firefighters and extinguish burning objects. Thanks to such a big red car, fires in houses, villages, forests can be prevented. There is always a lot of different equipment in a fire truck that is used during emergencies.

A fire truck always stands out strongly on the road, as it has extremely bright red shades, a lot of necessary equipment, and notifies all road users about its presence with a special signal. Even those who do not have any drawing skills can draw a fire engine. It is not at all difficult to draw a fire engine. Follow our recommendations, and then you will definitely be able to draw a drawing of a rescue service car.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Fire Truck for Kids

  1. Draw the wheels of the fire engine.

    First, you need to draw the wheels of the car. To do this, arrange two large circles opposite each other. Within each circle, draw two more small inner circles.
    Easy Drawing a Fire Truck

  2. Draw the car body to the wheels.

    Draw the body of the fire truck as shown in our example. Try to draw without a ruler to develop your artistic skills.
    Draw a Fire Truck Easy

  3. Draw the ladder.

    Draw the ladder on the roof of the car. To do this, draw a long and narrow rectangle, as well as a sliding mechanism in the form of a small circle.
    Drawing a Fire Truck

  4. Draw the headlight, flashing lights and a window.

    On the front of the roof, draw flashing lights in a cylinder shape with a rounded top. Slightly lower on the body of the fire engine, depict the driver’s door window. The next step is to draw the headlights on the front of the car in an oval shape.
    How to Draw a Fire Truck Easy

  5. Draw the fire hose and markings on the body.

    Draw a coiled fire hose in the middle of the car. It is also necessary to draw the typical marks for a fire truck (under the hose and window).
    Sketching Fire Truck

  6. Color the drawing.

    As you know, the car of the rescue service is usually found in red. Color the car completely red and the stairs, window, and light in different shades of blue. It is important to leave the markings on the car white. The fire hose can be painted dark yellow and the headlamp bright yellow.
    Cartoon Fire Truck

This drawing guide on how to draw a fire truck for children comes to an end. If you liked the drawing process, then you can share this work with your friends on social networks.

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