How to Draw a Fiat Panda

In this drawing tutorial, you can learn how to draw a Fiat Panda. This step-by-step guide is shown in ten steps and is useful for everyone.

How to Draw a Fiat Panda
How to Draw a Fiat Panda Step by Step

Welcome to! Here you can learn how to draw a Fiat Panda using this step-by-step tutorial that our art team has created for you. It is a very stylish four-wheel-drive vehicle that is very practical for the city or off-road. In this tutorial, we use an example model called a 4×4 Cross. This model has newer optics that have new additional light sections. This is a very interesting model that many people will surely like. That is why we have chosen this model for this tutorial.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Fiat Panda

  1. Draw basic lines.

    To draw a car, first you will need to draw guidelines that will help you more correctly depict all the parts of the car.hatchback car sketching

  2. Wheel arches.

    If you have already drawn the basic guidelines, then the second step will be to draw the semicircular wheel arches, as well as the details of the car roof.sketch hatchback car

  3. Top body details.

    Start this step by drawing the windshield, then draw the windows that are on the side of the car. Once you’ve finished sketching the windows, draw out the rearview mirror and the rest of the details from this sketch easy

  4. Details of the middle part.

    Here, start with the lines of the Fiat Panda doors, try to correctly and symmetrically depict all the lines. After the doors, draw the lines for the headlights of the car, as well as the rest of the lines for the front of the car sketching

  5. Bumper.

    In this step, you need to detail the front of the car by adding details for the headlights and the upper bumper of the car. And also don’t forget to paint Fiat Panda handles on the car sketch easy

  6. Small details.

    Following the example, add small details to the sketch that will make the drawing look even more realistic. This includes small parts of the bumper, parts of the headlights of the car, parts of the arches and so on in turn everything that is shown in blue in the step.Fiat Car Drawing

  7. Draw the wheels.

    Now we move on to drawing the wheels of the car, and first, you need to draw the round shapes of the wheels, and the shape for the wheel rims, which are shown in the next step.Panda Car Drawing Tutorial

  8. Draw Fiat Panda rims.

    Draw Fiat Panda rims following example. First, calculate the hub of the wheel and draw its middle, then draw the spokes of the car rims.Fiat Panda Sketching Tutorial

  9. Sketch shadows.

    Add shadows to the sketch to add detail and dimension to the drawing. This is done using pencil hatching.Fiat Panda Drawing Tutorial

  10. Fiat Panda is ready.

    We hope you managed to portray the Fiat Panda the way you wanted. If you did not succeed the first time, then this is not a problem, you can repeat the drawing process again and pump your skills. If you want to color your artwork like a coloring page, then color your sketch using your favorite coloring supplies.How to Draw a Fiat Panda Easy

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