How to Draw a Fat Cat Easy

Here you will learn how to draw a fat cat easy even if you have never drawn before. Draw this funny cat by scrolling below and looking at all the instructions and the collage!

How to Draw a Fat Cat for Kids
How to Draw a Fat Cat Step by Step

Welcome to the best site for drawing lessons! Here we will study how to draw a fat cat easily even if you have never tried to draw. We all adore cats, they have been cute and fluffy companions of people for hundreds of years. You can try to draw an ordinary cat, but in this tutorial we will show you how to draw a very funny fat cat that will fall in love with absolutely anyone! Scroll down below and follow the steps that show in detail the process of creating a cute pet drawing. Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Fat Cat Easy

  1. Shape the body.

    Start by drawing the basic shape of the cat’s body. At the bottom, make a curved line, and then draw an arched semi-oval body and a cat’s head.Sketch Fat Cat

  2. Add the face.

    Draw the parts of the cat’s face. Start with round eyes, then sketch the cat’s small nose and mouth.How to Draw a Funny Cat

  3. Add ears.

    Now draw the cat’s ears, which look like leaves.How to Draw a Fat Cute Cat

  4. Details.

    Add the cat’s whiskers using three straight lines on each side of the nose. Also draw the cat’s belly in the form of a large circle, as shown in the example.How to Sketch a Fat Cat

  5. Add limbs.

    Draw small cat arms right next to the stomach, and also draw a big fluffy tail on the left side of the body.Easy How to Draw a Fat Cat

  6. Texture the body.

    Draw stripes on the cat’s fur as shown in the example, also draw the inner parts of the cat’s ears.How to Draw a Simple Fat Cat

  7. Add details.

    First, detail the cat’s face as shown in the example. Begin by add light reflections to the eyes. After that, draw additional circles under the cat’s nose. The last step is to draw the simple round hind legs of the cat.How to Draw an Easy Fat Cat

  8. Color your fat cat.

    Your cute cat is drawn and now needs you to add colors! Color your drawing using the coloring tools.
    How to Draw a Fat Cat

Drawing is one of the most interesting activities, and requires your keen attention to detail! Practice your skills to get better and draw masterpieces in the future!

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