How to Draw a Dragon Head

Do you want to master a new art form and learn how to draw amazing creatures? Then this lesson is for you! We will show you how to draw a dragon head in a few easy steps. No special skills required—just follow our instructions and enjoy the creative process.

How to Draw a Dragon Head Easy
How to Draw a Dragon Head Step by Step

Let’s get started and learn together how to draw a dragon head! Dragons are mythical creatures that have wings, a sharp tail, and fire breath. They are often depicted as a symbol of strength and wisdom.

The dragon’s head is usually round, with wide jaws and sharp teeth. On the dragon’s head, one can find sharp horns, ears, and piercing reptilian eyes. Depending on the type of dragon, the head may have various features such as spikes, crests, or additional pairs of eyes.

When creating a dragon head drawing, it is important to pay attention to all the details. Use contour drawing to create clear lines and pay attention to the correct ratio of the sizes of all parts of the head. Also, don’t forget to use creativity to create a sense of the power and mystery of the dragon.

Follow our step-by-step instructions and create your own vibrant dragon head picture that will surprise and delight everyone who sees it!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Dragon Head

  1. Outline the dragon’s head.

    Begin by drawing the outlines of the dragon’s head. Also, following the example from the step, draw the shape of the eye.How to Draw an Easy Dragon Head

  2. Add the nose and pupil.

    Detail your dragon’s eye by adding the pupil and upper eyelid. Then add the nostril as shown in the example.Dragon Head Drawing for Beginners

  3. Draw the dragon’s teeth.

    Now you need to draw the teeth of the dragon, and also you need to texture the skin of your dragon’s face.Dragon Head Easy Drawing

  4. Add horns.

    On the head of your dragon, you need to draw pointed horns.Draw a Dragon Head

  5. Draw the dragon flame.

    Draw the dragon’s fiery breath.Sketch a Dragon Head

  6. Draw the dragon’s neck.

    Extend from under your dragon’s head two curved lines to shape the dragon’s neck.How to Sketch a Dragon Head

  7. Add neck details.

    Detail the throat part of the dragon’s neck as shown in the example.Dragon Head Drawing Tutorial

  8. Draw the spikes of the dragon’s neck.

    Detail your dragon’s head by adding spikes on the dragon’s neck.Dragon Head Drawing

  9. Color the drawing.

    Now you need to color your drawing using your favorite coloring tools.How to Draw a Dragon Head

We hope this lesson helped you learn new drawing skills and inspired you to create beautiful pictures of mythical creatures. We wish you continued success in your creativity and hope that you will use our instructions and be inspired by new ideas to create amazing works of art! Remember that drawing is a wonderful way to express your thoughts and feelings, so keep creating and keep drawing!

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