How to Draw a Dolphin for Kids

In this super easy drawing tutorial for kids, you will learn how to draw a dolphin step-by-step and easily! Scroll down to see the entire lesson!

How to Draw a Dolphin Easy for Kids
How to Draw a Dolphin for Kids Step by Step

Hello friends! You’ve probably already learned how to draw animals according to our lessons, but we have not yet had such a drawing tutorial. We have prepared a simple tutorial on how to draw a dolphin for kids step by step. In addition to learning how to draw a dolphin on paper, you can also relax. After all, drawing is the same meditation where the brain rests, problems are forgotten. You can also just look at the drawing of a dolphin, think about the pleasant and relax. Guys, let’s tell you a little about the dolphins.

Did you know that despite the fact that dolphins live in the waters, they are mammals? And then there is dolphin therapy. This method is carried out in the form of communication, play, and simple joint exercises between humans and dolphins. The dolphin’s habitat is mainly in the seas.

Now you know a little more about dolphins! In addition to information about dolphins, it will also be useful for you with the help of this instruction for drawing a dolphin, you will also learn how to draw ovals, circles, and smooth lines.

Now let’s move on to the drawing tutorial on how to draw a dolphin step by step.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Dolphin for Kids

  1. Draw the silhouette of a dolphin.

    Draw an oval in the middle of the sheet. Pull the left side of the oval down in the shape of a rounded triangle—this will be the dolphin’s tail. And in front there is a small nose. Take a look at our drawing.
    Draw a Dolphin

  2. Draw the eye.

    So that our dolphin has something to see, we draw an eye. Draw a circle with a thick dot on the inside, not far from the nose.
    Drawing Dolphin

  3. Draw the line on the torso.

    Starting from the nose, draw a wavy line. First to the eye, and then to the tail. We will need this line in order to separate the abdominal part from the back.
    Learn How to Draw a Dolphin Easy for Kids

  4. Draw the dorsal fin.

    Draw the dorsal fin in the shape of a rounded, elongated triangle in the center of the back.
    How to Draw a Easy Dolphin

  5. Draw the dolphin’s tail fin.

    In the tail of the dolphin, draw a double fin stretched in different directions. See how in our picture of a dolphin.
    How to Draw a Dolphin Easy

  6. Draw the pectoral fin.

    At the bottom of the belly, draw a rounded triangle extending slightly diagonally downward. It’s easy, you will succeed!

  7. Draw another pectoral fin.

    The dolphin also has a fin. He is next to another. We draw exactly the same, but smaller.
    dolphin drawing tutorial

  8. Erase unnecessary lines.

    We are on the home stretch! Erase all unnecessary lines from the picture, and also circle the outline in a darker color.
    How to Draw a Dolphin for Beginners

  9. Color the dolphin drawing.

    Color the upper part and fins in dark blue, and the lower part in blue.
    Dolphin Drawing

Finish! If you’ve followed all the steps, you should have a cute dolphin drawing.

We hope you enjoyed our step-by-step dolphin drawing tutorial. Share your skills with your loved ones, and post your results on social networks so that others can also draw such beauty.

You can also check out our other drawing tutorials. All the best!

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