How to Draw a Dodge Charger

In this simple guide, you will learn how to draw a Dodge Charger according to step-by-step instructions. Learn to draw cars with the

how to draw a dodge charger
how to draw a dodge charger step by step

Dodge Charger is a legendary American car that could fall in love with thousands of people from all over the world. It is for the fans of this iconic car that the artists of our team prepared a drawing tutorial on how to draw a Dodge Charger step by step. Let’s take a closer look at this car.

Dodge Charger is a muscle car manufactured by an American automobile manufacturer. The first generation of this model was introduced to the world in the mid-60s, and the last Charger update took place in 2006. To this day, this machine is up to date in appearance and technical data.

You can also try to draw a Chevrolet Camaro muscle car and decide which one you like best. Now let’s move on to drawing the Dodge Charger.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Dodge Charger

  1. Draw the base.

    Start your sketch by drawing the basic shape of the car body.american car drawing tutorial

  2. Wheel arches.

    Draw semicircular arches for the Dodge wheels, and add the shape of the front as shown in the sketching example.american sedan car drawing

  3. Draw the body design.

    Continue with the body detailing the process by drawing the body shape inside the guidelines that you drew in the first to sketch dodge car

  4. Draw the windows.

    Draw the lines of the Charger’s windshield, then draw the side windows of the car, keeping in mind all the symmetry of the sketch. The last step is to draw the mirrors.american car sketching tutorial

  5. Draw the hood and front.

    Start this step by drawing lines on the Dodge’s hood and after that start by drawing the headlights, then draw the car’s radiator and bumper details.muscle car sketching for kids

  6. Draw the doors.

    Draw the car doors, all the design lines of the car door and handles.charger easy drawing tutorial

  7. Draw the wheels.

    In this step, you need to draw the wheels of the Charger, first draw the rear wheels. After the rear wheels draw the front wheels, which should look visually larger, and they are also turned to the wheels drawing tutorial

  8. Draw the Dodge rims.

    This Charger has great wheels that accentuate the aggressive look of the car. Following the example, draw these discs in your rims drawing tutorial easy

  9. Add shadows and hatches.

    The process of detailing the drawing remains, you need to add shadows and hatches to your drawing that will make your sketch more to drawing dodge charger for beginners

  10. Finishing the sketch.

    The sketch is complete, you just have to color it if you want. You can paint it in whatever color you charger drawing tutorial

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