How to Draw a Diamond for Kids

Learn how to draw a diamond using our step-by-step drawing tutorial for kids.

How to Draw a Diamond for Kids
How to Draw a Diamond step by step

Hello everybody! We have prepared a simple drawing lesson on how to draw a diamond for kids step by step. In this lesson, besides the fact that you can draw a diamond, you will also develop skills in drawing straight lines, as well as learn something new about this diamond.

Brilliant is a cut diamond that has been given a faceted shape that maximizes its natural brilliance. Did you know that the hardest substance in nature is diamond? In addition to its strength, it is also a gem. You’ve probably seen transparent, shiny stones in your mom’s jewelry or jewelry stores. Therefore, drawing a diamond is not only an interesting hobby but also educational.
The weight of diamonds is measured in carats: 1 carat equals 0.2 grams.

After drawing the diamond, you will gain the skills to draw straight lines and build polygons. Draw a diamond step by step and slowly, then you will definitely succeed.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Diamond for Kids

  1. Draw the top of the diamond—a hexagon.

    The first step is to draw the top flat hexagon.
    Learn how to draw a diamond for kids

  2. Draw the outline of the diamond.

    Draw small lines on both sides of the diamond at an angle of about 45 degrees. Next, we connect the edges with two long lines from below, and we will get the outlines of our future drawing.
    How to draw a Diamond easy

  3. Let’s draw the horizontal edges.

    Let’s draw the horizontal line with 2 corners. Note that the corners are parallel to the corners of the top hexagon.
    drawing lesson Diamond for kids

  4. Let’s draw vertical edges.

    Draw vertical lines that start from the bottom point and go up through the previously drawn corners of the diamond.
    Diamond for Kids drawing tutorial

  5. Trace the outline of the diamond draw.

    Erase the extra lines from the diamond pattern and outline the outline with a darker color.
    How to Draw a Diamond For Kids Tutorial

  6. Color the drawing.

    Color the sides with blue light. Make the center and top edges a little lighter, so it will look realistic. See how in the example.
    How to Draw a Diamond

Done! We got a very even and symmetrical gem. You are now a real artist! Is it really not difficult to draw a diamond? Getting such a diamond jewelry is every girl’s dream. This pebble becomes even more beautiful in the sun. A very spectacular experience when it shimmers from one color to another.

If you liked the drawing tutorial on how to draw a diamond for beginners, then share the drawing with your friends on social networks. For us, this is the best repayment. After all, our main goal is for you to learn how to draw drawings of varying complexity and at the same time enjoy it. And your positive feedback motivates us to move on. Thank you!

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