How to Draw a Deer

Below you’ll find a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a deer. Scroll down to see the collage and detailed steps with the cartoon deer drawing tutorial.

How to Draw a Deer Simple
How to Draw a Deer

Welcome to the lesson on drawing a cartoon deer! Today, we will dive into the magical world of the forest and learn how to draw adorable cartoon deer. This lesson is perfect for both beginners and kids—it is easy and enjoyable.

Deer are marvelous creatures that symbolize nature and the wildlife of the forest. There are many types of deer in the world, each with its unique characteristics. We have deer with large and powerful antlers, such as the mammals from the deer family. There are also small deer, often called fawns, with their delicate and graceful appearance that simply captivates.

In our lesson, we will learn to draw cartoon fawns. Their big eyes, cute ears, and antlers will create a distinct image that will make you smile. Don’t worry if you are a beginner or drawing for the first time—we will break down each step in detail and show you how easy and simple it is to create your own cartoon deer.

Prepare your pencils, paper, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of imagination and creativity. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and venture into the forest to bring our visions of cartoon deer to life on paper!

Time needed: 25 minutes

Deer Drawing Tutorial Step by Step

  1. Outline the head.

    Start by drawing the deer’s head using simple curved lines as shown. Also, add the nose on the tip of the deer’s snout.Deer Drawing for Beginners

  2. Draw the head parts.

    Now, you need to add the details of the head—the ears and the contours of the eyes.How to Draw a Cartoon Deer

  3. Add details to the head.

    Include ear details to make them more realistic, then draw the pupils and the nose.Deer Face Drawing

  4. Draw the antlers.

    On top of your cute deer’s head, depict graceful antlers. Start by drawing the base of the antlers, then add the branches.How to Draw a Deer Head with Antlers

  5. Outline the neck.

    Draw the neck and the fluffy chest beneath the deer’s head.Easy to Draw a Deer

  6. Draw the torso.

    On the right side of the head, depict the elongated deer torso.How to Sketch a Deer

  7. Add the legs.

    Using the example from the step, draw two deer legs that are visually closer to us.Step by Step Deer Drawing

  8. Add the second part of the legs. 

    Now, you need to draw the second part of the deer legs, and don’t forget to draw the small deer tail as shown in the example.Deer Drawing Step by Step

  9. Detail the legs.

    Complete the drawing of the deer by adding hooves. Draw the hooves by simply adding short lines, as shown in the step example.How to Draw a Deer Easy

  10. Color the drawing.

    Did you draw with a pencil? If yes, I recommend tracing the sketch with a marker. Then, color your deer using colored pencils or any other coloring tools.Deer Drawing

We are delighted that you have successfully completed our cartoon deer drawing lesson. Now you have your own unique and charming depiction of a deer that you have created with your own hands. Thank you for joining our lesson!

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