How to Draw a Cute Anime Cat

Drawing tutorial in which you will learn how to draw a cute anime cat step by step. Draw with How to Draw Easy!

How to Drawing a Cute Anime Cat
How to Draw a Cute Anime Cat

Welcome to a drawing lesson dedicated to anime characters loved by millions of people around the world. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cute anime cat, and it is quite simple because each step is shown separately so that you can understand and repeat it. It is not surprising that cats are most often associated with anime or manga art because in Japan cats are especially loved, and cats are especially common in the art. And in general, who doesn’t love these cute creatures? Do you have a pet cat? Write the name of your cat in the comments by scrolling down the manual, we are very interested in what kind of cat you have and what is his name!

By the way, we still have other step-by-step instructions dedicated to different cute animals, and we suggest that you try to portray everyone and see which option you like best.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Cute Anime Cat

  1. Draw the circle.

    The first step is to draw the shape of the head, so we start drawing the round shape, which will be the head in our sketch.Cute Anime Cat Drawing Tutorial

  2. Eyes and mouth.

    Our cat, as you can see, is very cheerful, so you need to depict his big joyful eyes, and first, this is done by drawing two circles, respectively, these are the shapes of the eyes. After that, following the example from step, draw the cat’s mouth, which also expresses the joyful emotions of the cat.Anime Cute Cat Drawing Tutorial

  3. Details of the face.

    Seals come in different colors, in our example the cat is tricolor, and the cat’s face is divided into two parts by color. It is this separation that needs to be depicted in this step, and in the example, in blue it is shown in detail how this needs to be done. Also draw the nose of the cat, following the example of cats already have small cute noses, and in manga drawings, they look especially cute.Drawing Anime Cat Easy

  4. Pupils and teeth.

    In anime, it is typical to draw large expressive pupils, so this is exactly what you will need to portray this cat on the face. And also our cat has cute cat stripes on the sides of the nose, which are somewhat similar to the stripes of a tiger. Also draw the cat’s teeth, which are also shown in this example.Manga Kitten Drawing Tutorial

  5. Ears.

    The cat has huge ears, and I think you noticed it perfectly. Start drawing the cat’s ears, and take into account the proportions that visually show one ear closer than the far one. In addition to the ears, you need to draw the first paw of the cat.Manga Cats Sketch Tutorial

  6. Draw the body of the cat.

    Start this step by drawing the inner parts of the cat’s ears, which are shown in blue in this example. And also you need to depict the body of the cat, which is also shown by us in the example in blue. You can draw with a pencil so that you can draw a line through the cat’s paw, but then erase the line that intersects with the paw because this is a guideline.How to Sketch Manga Cats

  7. The rest of the cat’s legs.

    You have already drawn the body of the cat, now draw the line that is shown in the example on the back of the cat, these are its colors on the body of the cat. You also need to draw the rest of the cat’s legs, and start with the cat’s front leg, and then draw the last hind leg. The fourth paw of the cat will visually be behind the cat, so it will not be visible on the sketch.Sketching Manga Cat Easy Drawing

  8. Draw the cat’s tail and details.

    First, draw the cat’s tail that sticks out straight up. In addition to the tail, you need to depict the separation of the legs, which are shown in blue in the example. And also draw a cat’s whiskers, because cats cannot be without their cute whisker antennae. Anime Cats Draw Tutorial for Beginners

  9. Cat fur.

    Different cats have different types of wool and the color of their fur, our cat will consist of three colors—these are white, gray, and black. In this step, you need to depict these feline details of their fur, then paint over these stripes in black.How to Drawing an Anime Cat for beginners

  10. Color the anime cat.

    Almost finished drawing the anime cat, now you need to paint the cat in the appropriate colors using your favorite coloring accessories. If you do not want to paint the cat in the colors that we painted over the cat, then paint in any other colors. Also, note that the cat’s eyes are shiny, so when you paint the cat’s pupils black, do not forget to leave this detailed white.Draw an Anime Cute Cat

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