How to Draw a Cupcake for Kids

Looking for a drawing cupcake idea? You are in the right place, because here you will learn how to draw a cupcake, easy enough even for kids and kindergartners.

How to Draw a Cupcake for Kids
How to Draw a Cupcake Step by Step

Welcome novice artists and experienced amateurs to a new drawing lesson! In this guide, you will learn how to draw a cupcake for kids. Cupcake is one of the most delicious pastries. The history of the origin of the cake is very interesting: it begins in ancient Rome, where only noble people could enjoy this sweet. Initially, the muffin resembled a barley cake that was filled with dried fruits and nuts. Now the cake has taken on a familiar look: it is a rectangular or round flour product containing cream, berry, or some other filling.

We are sure that drawing a cupcake will give you a lot of positive emotions and a good result. Follow the recommendations from the instructions given, be diligent and accurate—and then everything will certainly work out! Interestingly, the cupcake is the most common sweet dish in many parts of the world. Now, there are a huge number of recipes for its preparation, and this process is unique in each country. How to draw a cupcake step by step? Follow our instructions. It is also important that you can practice in the image of rounded shapes, curved and straight lines.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Cupcake for Kids

  1. Draw the top.

    Start your drawing with a picture of the top of the cupcake. It resembles a mushroom cap. The top of the cake is semi-oval, and the bottom has arched lines.
    How to Draw a Simple Cupcake

  2. Draw the sprinkles.

    Add some small ovals at different points on the top.
    How to Draw an Easy Cupcake

  3. Draw the base.

    Now we need to start drawing the base of the cupcake. Draw two vertical oblique lines and connect them to each other with an arc.
    Cupcake How to Draw

  4. Detail the shape.

    As a rule, muffins are baked in special silicone or metal molds. Draw the bumps on your muffin that the mold left during the cooking process. To do this, draw four straight vertical lines, slightly different in length from each other.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Cupcake

  5. Color the drawing.

    Color your cupcake with shades of brown.
    How to Draw a Cupcake

Congratulations! Your great looking cupcake drawing is ready! Now try to draw pancakes, which are just as easy to draw.

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