How to Draw a Cow for Kids

In this really easy drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a cow for kids. This step-by-step and easy drawing tutorial will be understandable for all beginners in drawing!

Learn How to Draw a Cow
How to Draw a Cow For Kids Step By Step

Hello everybody! The artists of the HowToDrawEasy team have prepared a lesson on how to draw a cow for kids.
A cow is one of the domestic animals that first comes to mind of any person and, undoubtedly, a child, because everyone has seen a cow. Someone constantly at their grandmother in the village, and someone only on the pages of books. But in any case, thanks to our lesson, any chill and child will be able to draw a cow without difficulties.

When drawing a cow, you will hone your skills in drawing symmetrical patterns and rounded shapes. And also get emotions and be able to share the experience with your friends.

We suggest going to the learn on how to draw a cow step by step for kids.

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to draw a cow for kids

  1. Draw the head.

    Draw the vertical oval on the left side of the sheet of paper. Note that the top half should be slightly narrower than the bottom.
    Lesson How to Draw a Cow For Kids

  2. Draw the body of a cow.

    Now draw the horizontal oval that is larger than the one drawn for the head. Notice how the oval from the first step overlaps in this step.
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  3. Draw the ears, tail, and muzzle.

    The ears are like petals that should be flush with the sides of the top of the head.
    Draw a tail on the right side of the body, it should be curved downward, while the tip of the tail is pointed.
    Draw a curved line inside the bottom of the head to create a muzzle. Please note that the muzzle is almost a third of the head in size.
    Cow Drawing Lesson For Kids

  4. Draw the legs, horns, and the tip of the tail.

    Now you need to add cow horns, legs, and a bushy tip of the tail.
    Draw a Cow For Kids

  5. Draw the eyes, nostrils, mouth, and hooves.

    Just below the ears, inside the head, draw two identical small circles—this will be the outline of the eyes. On each of the resulting paths, draw filled dots—these are the pupils.
    At the top of the muzzle, draw two open circles for the nostrils. And below, draw the curved line pointing upward, you get a mouth.
    It is also necessary to draw the hooves, for this in the lower part of the legs draw lines on each paired side so that the tips are the same size.
    Cow Easy Drawing Tutorial

  6. Draw the spots and udders.

    On the body, draw several oval spots of different sizes at your discretion (we decided to draw 3 spots).
    Draw the udder under the body, between the legs. It looks like a ball that has four papillae.
    How to Draw a Cow For Kids

  7. Color the drawing of the cow.

    Our cow is white, we painted its spots brown. The udder and muzzle were painted beige, the ears pink, and the horns yellow. You can repeat everything as in our example, or use different colors.
    How to Draw a Cow

Done! If you acted according to each step, then you got a drawing of a cow, and you are great! We hope you liked our lesson How to draw a cow step by step, because we try to make simple and understandable lessons for beginners in order to get positive feedback.
You can share our work with your friends on social networks and watch our other lessons. We also recommend watching an equally interesting and easy lesson about a fox. All the best!

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