How to Draw a Column

Learn how to draw a column in a step-by-step drawing tutorial that beginners and kids can learn.

how to draw a column
how to draw a column step by step

On this page, you will learn how to draw a column, which is a classic piece of architecture. Columns are primarily supported for buildings or parts of buildings that must be supported by columns. Since ancient times, they were built not only with ordinary minimalistic ones, but also many different elements were added to them that adorned the general appearance of buildings.

Columns are considered a traditional symbol of Greece, as an integral part of the architecture of ancient Greece. But it is worth emphasizing that in antiquity, beautiful columns were made not only in Greece but also in many states from Mesopotamia, in Egypt, in Rome, and so on.

This architecture acquired its rebirth during the revival in the late Middle Ages. And later, beautiful columns were used throughout Europe and the United States. If you paid attention, there are a lot of buildings in the USA built in the ancient Greek architectural style. For example, the White House or the Capitol in Washington.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Column

  1. Draw the first lines.

    Start by drawing the first vertical lines. From these lines, you will need to draw the rest of the column. greek architecture sketch

  2. Horizontal lines.

    Draw lines that will form the structure for the column pilaster shape.column pilaster drawing

  3. Draw the decor.

    Draw the top and bottom decor parts of the column. Remember to erase any extra lines and draw vertical lines along the entire length of the column.greek column drawing

  4. Finish forming the column.

    The step in which you need to correct all the mistakes in the drawing is to erase the extra lines.greek architecture drawing

  5. Tracing.

    Use a black marker to trace around the pencil sketch. You can use an ink fountain pen if you like.column tracing painting

  6. Coloring.

    Color in the pillar drawing, or just add shadows to the drawing. You can paint the column in any color because nowadays the columns are not only made white but also painted in different to draw greek column

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