How to Draw a Coconut

How to draw a coconut in a very easy style? Very easy if you read this whole step-by-step drawing tutorial!


Greetings to all lovers of drawing and those who dream of learning how to draw! You have come to the page of the guide on how to draw a coconut. We are pleased to present you with this instruction, which will guide you step by step to draw this exotic nut from a palm tree.

Everything that is shown in this guide will be very easy to repeat for both beginners and kids. To learn to draw, you need desire, attentiveness, observation, perseverance and the ability to compare your drawing and the example from the guide. If something does not work out for you in drawing, then do not rush to immediately criticize yourself. Just try to patiently draw again what you wanted to depict on paper.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Coconut

  1. Prepare the base.

    You first need to draw the base that will be the innermost one in the coconut drawing.exotic-fruit-drawing

  2. Draw the outer shape.

    Now draw the outer circle of the cut of the coconut. If you look at the example, its lines are smoother than the first line.coconut-drawing-easy

  3. Depict the outside.

    Depict the side of the coconut, which will be the outer brown shell of the coconut.Coconut-drawing-step-by-step

  4. Draw the details of the drawing.

    Depict the lines that are on the cut of the coconut.elementary-coconut-drawing

  5. Draw the second coconut.

    In this step, draw a second coconut, which, unlike the first, is not cut. You will have the opportunity to try drawing a cut coconut and a whole

  6. Coconut fibers.

    Any coconut has fibers on the outside. In this step, you need to depict these fibers onto the

  7. Compare the drawing.

    Compare the drawing and correct any errors if

  8. Tracing.

    Have a pencil sketch? Now take a black marker or fountain pen and ink and trace around your pencil

  9. Color the coconut.

    Color the coconut using crayons, colored markers, or

We wish you endless creative ideas! We are happy to help you develop your skills and help you with this beautiful creation! Come back again for our guides and share them with your friends. Thank you.

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