How to Draw a Chicken

In this step-by-step drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a chicken. It’s an easy drawing tutorial for everyone! Scroll down to see the collage and start drawing a chicken as soon as possible.

Chicken Drawing Easy
How to Draw a Chicken Step by Step

We are glad you joined this easy chicken drawing lesson! You may be holding a pencil for the first time, but be able to use this drawing guides to learn how to draw a chicken. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner in drawing—this lesson will be easy for you too! Scroll down the page to see the steps and start drawing a chicken.

Chickens are domestic birds that we are familiar with from childhood. They are among the most common birds on farms and in agriculture.

In our lesson, we will focus on drawing a cartoon chicken. Its simple shapes make the process of creating the drawing easy and fun. You will be able to express your creative vision of this bird and add your unique details. I’m sure your chicken will look wonderful and bring a smile to anyone who sees your artwork.

Remember that this lesson is just a starting point for you. The more practice and experimentation you do, the better your drawing skills will become. Explore different styles, play with colors, and create your own interesting interpretations of the chicken.

Get your pencils, markers, or brushes ready, and let’s begin creating a wonderful and cartoonish chicken drawing together!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Chicken Step by Step

  1. Prepare the base.

    Start by outlining the basic shape of your chicken. You need to depict the form of the head, neck, and body.Chicken How to Draw Easy

  2. Draw the beak.

    Now it’s time to draw the pointed beak of your chicken, then add the earlobe for your chicken drawing.Chicken How to Draw for Beginners

  3. Add the eye.

    Detail the head of your chicken by adding the round chicken eye.Step by Step Chicken Drawing

  4. Detail the head.

    Using a wavy shape, depict the comb for your chicken, then add the wattle using a semi-oval shape.Chicken Cartoon Drawing

  5. Draw the wing.

    Using the example from the step, draw the chicken wing. Make the base part of the wing semi-oval, and then draw the lower part using a wavy line.How to Draw a Simple Chicken

  6. Complete the body of the chicken.

    Draw the feathery chicken tail as well as the chicken thigh.Chicken Drawing for Beginners

  7. Draw the foot.

    Below the chicken thigh, depict the foot along with the toes.How to Draw an Easy Chicken

  8. Add the second foot.

    Using the example from the step, depict the second foot of your cartoon chicken.Chicken Drawing Tutorial

  9. Color your drawing.

    Using a black marker, outline the contours of your sketch. Then, color your adorable chicken drawing using your coloring tools.Chicken Drawing

Wonderful! You have successfully completed our chicken drawing lesson. Your efforts and creative approach have helped create a fantastic cartoonish depiction of a chicken. Remember, drawing is a journey, and every step brings us new experiences and opportunities to enhance our skills. Keep developing your abilities, experiment with different styles and techniques. Your creative potential is limitless!

Thank you for joining this drawing lesson. We hope you enjoyed the process and found pleasure in creating your cartoon chicken drawing. Keep drawing with joy and inspiration!

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