How to Draw a Chibi Person

In this step by step drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a chibi person easily. We hope you have fun joining this drawing tutorial.

Chibi How to Draw
How to Draw a Chibi Person Step by Step

Chibi is an anime style that represents a shrunken version of the human figure. This style is characterized by a large head and a short body, creating a very cute and kawaii appearance. Chibi characters are often used in manga, anime, games, and comics. In this step-by-step drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a chibi person that is actually quite easy.

In the chibi person drawing lesson, you can learn to create your own chibi characters. You will start with a simple head shape that is larger than the rest of the body. Then, you will add eyes, nose, mouth, and ears that will be proportionate to the size of the head. The body should be short but proportional to the head. You can add clothing and accessories to give your character individuality.

Chibi characters can be of any age and gender. They can be humans, animals, or even represent fantastical creatures. They always have a very cute and appealing look, which makes them very popular among anime and manga fans.

In general, chibi is a very interesting and unique drawing style that can be used to create a variety of different characters. If you want to learn how to draw chibi characters, the chibi person drawing lesson is a great place to start.

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Chibi Person Step by Step

  1. Draw the bangs.

    Start the chibi drawing with the bangs. Draw the front part of the hair as shown in the example.Chibi Drawing Easy

  2. Draw the head.

    Now you need to outline the head of your character, as well as two large chibi eyes as shown in the example.How to Draw a Chibi Face

  3. Add head features.

    Detail the head of your chibi character by adding the shape of the pupils, the side parts of the hair, as well as the nose and mouth as shown in the example.How to Draw a Chibi Simple

  4. Detail the eyes.

    On the chibi face, add eyebrows using curved lines, then detail the pupils using the example from the step.How to Draw Chibi Eyes

  5. Draw the hair.

    In this step, it shows how you need to outline the hair on the head of your chibi character.How to Draw a Chibi Head

  6. Draw the torso.

    Now you need to draw the torso of your chibi character, following the example from the step. You need to draw the shirt and sleeves.Easy to Draw a Chibi

  7. Draw the hands.

    Detail the chibi arms by adding the hands, then add pockets on the character’s shirt.Chibi Drawing for Kids

  8. Draw the footwear.

    Below the body, you need to draw big chibi boots.Chibi Drawing Tutorial

  9. Draw the legs.

    Using straight lines, draw the legs of your chibi. Then, detail the boots as shown in the example.How to Draw an Easy Chibi

  10. Color the chibi character.

    Grab your favorite coloring tools and add colors to your drawing.How to Draw a Chibi Person

We are delighted that you joined this drawing lesson and drew chibi characters with us! By following the step-by-step instructions, you have learned to create your own chibi characters, starting from the basic facial features and head contours, and finishing with details such as clothing.

Chibi drawing is a fun and creative activity that can become a valuable skill for you. Keep drawing, continue to improve, and enjoy the process of creating your own chibi world.

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