How to Draw a Chibi Boy

Learn how to draw a chibi boy easy enough for beginners, start a draw your chibi with this tutorial.

How to Draw Chibi Boy Body
How to Draw Chibi Boy Step by Step

In this easy drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a chibi boy. Chibi characters are not so difficult to draw, because their bodies are not as realistic as, for example, classic comic book characters. Our team drew this chibi character in motion, so you can learn how to sketch different body movements.

Chibi is a Japanese slang word meaning “small” or short. Typically, the word “chibi” is used in relation to various objects, animals, or people, for example, small children or people with short stature.

In Manga or Anime, this word is usually used in a positive sense, that is, various animals can be called cute using the word chibi. But in a conversation with a person, it is better not to use this word, because it can offend a person, so think about it in advance.

This is a drawing style of anime characters with a small torso and a large, almost commensurate, head. It is often used in separate scenes to emphasize the comic of a situation or to more vividly express the emotions of a character, but there are also quite a few pictures shot entirely in Chibi style.

Chibi characters are typically very cute-kawaii, speak in a childish voice, and are often capricious or nervous. Other notable features of the Chibi style are the characters’ huge oval eyes, which occupy most of the face, as well as schematically drawn limbs. Fingers are usually not depicted, creating the feeling that the character is wearing mittens, in addition, the feet are simplified, in place of which wedge-shaped elements are drawn, serving as an extension of the legs.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Chibi Boy

  1. Draw the shape of the head.

    Draw the guidelines to begin with, and then draw the outline of the head.Chibi Head Sketch

  2. Draw the outlines of the body.

    First sketch out the outline of the chibi torso, and after that draw the guidelines for the chibi’s legs and arms.Chibi Body Step by Step Drawing

  3. Detailing of the body.

    Draw lines for the clothes and arms, shaping the body.Chibi Hands Sketch

  4. Erase the extra lines.

    Erase all the extra lines of this part of the body where you have already shaped the chibi. We show every step in detail.Body Chibi Drawing Easy

  5. Shape the chibi legs.

    Now shape the chibi legs using the guidelines you drew in the second step.Chibi How to Drawing

  6. Erase the body guidelines and draw the mouth.

    Erase again unnecessary guidelines that you no longer need. And also, using the guiding lines of the face, draw the mouth of the character.Body of Chibi Sketch

  7. Eye and nose shape.

    Draw the outline of the chibi eye. Highlight the upper part with a thicker line, because the chibi has eyelashes. And also draw a small chibi nose, which is drawn with just two lines.Chibi Drawing for Beginners

  8. Second eye shape.

    Draw the shape of the second eye, following the principle of the first, but taking into account all the proportions of the face.How to Sketch Chibi Body

  9. Draw the pupils.

    Draw the outlines of the pupils first, and then immediately draw the middle black part of the pupils in the center of the eyes.Chibi Face Sketch

  10. Hair and ears.

    Draw the boy’s disheveled hair, as well as his ears.Chibi Characters Drawing Easy

  11. Erase the lines and add details.

    Erase the outline of the head, which remains where you drew the hair.Chibi Easy Drawing

  12. Draw the T-shirt.

    Now we need to detail the character’s clothes, so draw his T-shirt.Chibi Boy Sketch

  13. Draw the hands.

    Now sketch out the hands and fingers of the character.Chibi Body Boy Drawing

  14. Draw the legs.

    First, sketch out the chibi pants, and then sketch out his little sneakers.Chibi Body Drawing

  15. Color chibi.

    It remains to color the chibi boy, and your drawing is ready. Oh, we almost forgot, when you color the drawing, do not forget to draw the character’s eyebrows. By the way, you can color the drawing in other colors, for example, you can dye your hair brown and the T-shirt red.How to Draw Chibi Boy

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