How to Draw a Cezve

Learn how to draw a cezve step by step with this easy drawing tutorial for adults, kids, and beginners.

How to draw a Cezve
Easy step by step cezve drawing tutorial

There are not many lessons on how to draw a cezve on the Internet, but there are a huge number of people in the world who love to draw and love coffee made in this coffee maker.

It is an old method of brewing coffee that later spread throughout the world. Many people think that such coffee is common only in Arab countries, but this method of brewing coffee is the most popular in Greece, Armenia and other Mediterranean countries.

It will be very easy to draw this coffee pot. Even the most inexperienced artist can draw this coffee pot. In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw symmetrical lines, straight lines, and a jug-like shape.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Cezve

  1. Draw lines.

    The first step will be a vertical line. Choose the length of the vertical line yourself, depending on the size of your paper. After the vertical line, step back a little from the top and draw a crossing horizontal line. Do the same at the bottom, but make this horizontal line a little longer. The next step is shown in light blue. Try to repeat as shown in the picture to train your skills.cezve drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the top part.

    To draw the upper part, which is indicated in light blue, you just need to repeat the line made in the previous step number one. After that, just below we draw half an oval. This line looks like a small to draw a coffee pot

  3. Draw side lines.

    Erase the extra lines that were drawn in the previous steps. Compare your drawing with the picture. Now proceed to the side lines of the coffee pot. It’s easy, you just need to draw two curved lines that look a lot like the sides of a pear or pot step by step draw

  4. Draw the handle of the coffee pot.

    You can use a ruler for this step, but we advise you to learn how to draw straight lines. You just need to repeat step number four. Don’t forget to add small details to the handle of the coffee maker.How to draw a Cezve easy

  5. The final.

    Check if everything worked out correctly and proceed to the next coloring pot coloring pages drawing

  6. Color your beatiful cezve.

    Start coloring. Using two or three colors for coloring, color the coffee pot and its handle. You can paint the coffee pot gray or brown as in the drawing lesson. And the handle is in golden, yellow or wood color.easy step by step drawing lesson cezve

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