How to Draw a Cat Meme

Learn on our website how to draw a cat meme in a step by step drawing lesson! You can easily cope with this level of drawing difficulty even if you hold a pencil for the first time.


Meow! Are the cat lovers here? Are the fans of funny meme cats here? Let’s try to learn how to draw a cat meme in a very simple step-by-step drawing tutorial that we have prepared for our readers.

It’s no secret that cats have taken over the universe. They are found everywhere, absolutely everywhere! On the Internet, in videos, on the street, in drawings, and so on. And that’s cool! We all love cats. By popular demand of our readers, we have prepared for you a drawing lesson for this funny meme cat, which is very brutal.

Art tools for this illustration:

  • pencil;
  • black marker, ink, fountain pen;
  • colored pencils (colored markers);
  • drawing paper;

You can try to draw on your device, for example, on a laptop, tablet, or computer (Laptop).

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Cat Meme

  1. Draw the cat’s head.

    You need to start drawing by depicting the head of the cat. You can immediately draw a head with ears just like in the example in the

  2. Draw the hands of the cat.

    In the second step, we show how to depict the cat’s hands. The cat meme, as you have noticed, is very brutal with clenched hands into

  3. Lower limbs of the cat.

    Draw the lower limbs of the meme cat. We don’t even know what to call these limbs of the meme cat, are the legs or paws? Write in your social networks what it is. And don’t forget to bookmark our profile for us to see. cute-kitten-drawing

  4. Draw the cat’s eyes.

    So, now we need to draw the eyes of the cat. Also, don’t forget to draw the details that are shown in the example in

  5. Draw the cat’s nose.

    After you have drawn the eyes, you need to draw the cat’s nose and

  6. Compare the picture and the example.

    Compare your drawing and the example from the step. Everything is fine? If not, erase the excess or correct the

  7. Trace your cat sketch.

    Use a black marker or ink and trace the finished pencil drawing of the meme

  8. Color the drawing of the cat meme.

    Take your favorite felt-tip pens, crayons, or any other coloring supplies and color in the finished sketch of the cat meme. Done! Thank you for being with!how-to-draw-a-cat-meme

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