How to Draw a Cartoon Snake

This drawing lesson shows how to draw a cartoon snake really easily. Scroll down the page for a step-by-step collage and instructions.

How to Draw a Cartoon Snake Easy
How to Draw a Cartoon Snake Step by Step

In this easy drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cartoon snake. It is quite simple to draw a snake, because these animals do not have a lot of details on the body, but you need to follow the steps to sketch a cartoon snake in the most beautiful way.

The snake’s body has an elongated long shape, and the length of snakes is different. On earth, there are snakes 10 centimeters and even 9 meters. Many snakes are venomous and use their venom as self-defense or as a hunting tool. Snakes are deaf, so they are helped by various senses that may be unusual for humans. The snake’s main navigational tool is its tongue. With the help of the tongue and receptors in the tongue, snakes collect information about the environment. In the drawing, the snake is depicted with its tongue sticking out, and this is how the snakes receive information. Let’s get down to drawing this wise animal! Scroll down and start drawing, and don’t forget to enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Cartoon Snake

  1. Shape the head.

    Start by drawing the shape of the snake’s head as shown in the example.Snake Mouth Drawing

  2. Eye contours.

    Add the oval shapes of both eyes of the snake to the drawing.Snake Head Guidelines Drawing

  3. Draw the pupils.

    Detail the cartoon snake’s eyes by drawing large pupils. Leave a small white circle in the pupil to represent the reflection of light in the eyes.Snake Eyes Drawing

  4. Details of the head.

    Detail the snake’s head by sketching the lines of the eyes and the crease at the corner of the snake’s mouth. And also draw the fangs of the snake.Snake Head Drawing Tutorial

  5. Snake tongue.

    Now draw the long forked snake’s tongue.Snake Head Drawing

  6. Draw the neck.

    Extend lines from the head of the snake, draw the neck of the snake.Snake Neck Drawing

  7. Draw the bottom.

    Finish this part of the snake by drawing the curled part of the snake’s body.Snake Drawing Guide Easy

  8. Bottom contour.

    Draw an oval shape for the bottom of the snake.Snake Drawing Guide

  9. Shaping of the tail.

    Now form the curled tail of the snake by drawing the first curved line.Snake Drawing Tutorial

  10. Add lines.

    Extend two parallel lines that will continue to form the snake’s tail.How to Draw a Snake for Beginners

  11. Curved part.

    Draw the curved part of the drawing that passes into the tip of the snake’s tail.How to Draw a Snake for Kids Easy

  12. Complete the tail sketch.

    Draw the last part of the snake.How to Draw a Snake for Kids

  13. Trace the cartoon sketch.

    Finally, before the coloring process, trace the contours of your sketch with an ink or black marker. If there are no such supplies nearby, then do it with a small brush and black paint.
    How to Draw a Snake Easy

  14. Color the cartoon snake.

    The sketching process is almost complete, you just have to color your artwork and the snake illustration will be complete!How to Draw a Cartoon Snake

Congratulations! We hope that we helped you create a cool artwork of cartoon animal that you can share with your friends. And you can also share this simple instruction with your friends on social networks, and we advise you to sketch this reptile with friends together! Thank you for being with us, and we will be glad to see you again.

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