How to Draw a Cartoon Baby Bunny

Glad you decided to join this step by step drawing lesson. Here, you will learn how to draw a cartoon baby bunny step by step.

How to Draw a Simple Baby Bunny
How to Draw a Baby Bunny Step by Step

Hello friends! Today we will be drawing a cartoon baby bunny. This cute character will be a great addition to our drawings, and I’m sure that you will be able to draw it in such a way that it becomes even cuter and more attractive. Let’s start our exciting activity and see what kind of bunny we can create! Below you will find detailed instructions and steps on how to draw a cartoon baby bunny step by step.

Bunnies are interesting creatures that inhabit various parts of the world, including fields, meadows, and forests. They are known for their speed and agility, as well as their fluffy appearance. Bunnies are usually depicted as friendly and curious creatures, often found in children’s cartoons and books.

This brief overview of bunnies will help introduce students to the lesson of drawing a cartoon baby bunny, providing them with context and interesting facts before they begin creating their own beautiful drawings. Good luck with your drawing, dear readers!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Cartoon Baby Bunny

  1. Outline the head.

    To draw the bunny’s head, you can simply draw the circle as shown in the example.Step by Step Bunny Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add the ears.

    Now, draw two long bunny ears on the bunny’s head.Baby Bunny Head Drawing

  3. Draw the face.

    Draw two small cartoon eyes for your bunny, as well as draw the nose and mouth as shown.Baby Bunny Face Drawing

  4. Add details.

    Add details to the face and ears of your bunny, following the example from the step.Step by Step Bunny Drawing

  5. Outline the carrot.

    Before drawing the body, you need to draw the big carrot that will be in the hands of your cartoon bunny.Baby Bunny Easy Drawing

  6. Draw the body.

    Draw the body of your bunny following the example from the step. Also, draw the limbs as shown in the example.How to Sketch a Baby Bunny

  7. Add carrot details.

    Draw the carrot top, and texture the carrot as shown in the example from the step.Cartoon Baby Bunny Drawing

  8. Draw the tail.

    This step shows how to draw a fluffy bunny tail and the bunny’s hand holding the carrot.Baby Bunny Drawing Tutorial

  9. Color your drawing. 

    Start by tracing your sketch using a marker. Then, grab some coloring tools and add color to your cute bunny drawing.How to Draw a Cartoon Baby Bunny

Congratulations! You have successfully completed our cartoon bunny drawing lesson.

Thank you for participating in the lesson. We hope that the drawing process brought you joy and inspiration. Keep creating with joy and dedication! We look forward to seeing you in our other step-by-step drawing lessons!

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