How to Draw a Cactus

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cactus. This is a drawing guide for beginners and kids.

How to Draw a Cactus
How to Draw a Cactus Step by Step

Guys, hello everyone! In this drawing tutorial, we will teach you how to draw a cactus quickly and easily step by step. The cactus is a rather unusual plant. There are many types of cacti in various shapes and sizes. Usually, drawing this plant is not at all difficult.

Drawing a cactus is an interesting step in learning to draw. This bizarre plant often surprises with its appearance. A detailed and understandable guide to drawing a cactus will help you quickly figure out how to design this plant. Here is a step-by-step plan to follow while drawing. The instruction will help artists with different skill levels to draw a cactus without much difficulty.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Cactus

  1. Draw the basic outline.

    A cactus has a main stem, which, in fact, holds the whole plant. It should be drawn oblong and oval. You don’t have to try to make the stem as even as possible, because there is no ideal shape.
    cactus sketching

  2. Draw two small stems.

    Draw two small ones to the standing large stem. Also, you do not need to arrange them directly opposite each other. They should be a little uneven, you can make one slightly higher than the other.
    how to sketch a cactus

  3. Add needles and additional lines.

    As you know, a cactus has a lot of needles. Draw these needles on top of the main large stem and on top of the two small ones. Also, the plant has irregularities, so you should draw several lines around the perimeter of the plant. Draw three on each stem.
    cactus drawing tutorial

  4. Tracing.

    Give the cactus a shape and trace the outline of each stem, needles, and all lines.
    drawing cartoon cactus

  5. Color the cactus.

    As you know, this plant is usually green. We have colored the entire plant green. You can dream up and come up with a different shade to decorate the plant.
    drawing cactus

Done! If you have reached the very last step, then you have succeeded in drawing a cactus. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed drawing this plant and that the process was not very difficult.

You can also share your work with friends and see our other lessons. We wish you every success!

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