How to Draw a Bunny

Learn how to draw a bunny, step by step with this very easy drawing tutorial for kids and all beginners.

How to Draw a Bunny
How to draw a bunny easy

There are a large number of rabbit drawing lessons on the net, but most of the drawing lessons are not informative, or very difficult. Here you will learn and learn how to draw a bunny.

As we already wrote in previous lessons, animal drawing lessons are one of the most popular and important for beginners.

We present for readers a step-by-step, easy and interesting lesson in drawing a cute bunny. Such a step by step drawing lesson will help anyone looking for a way to learn how to draw a bunny easily. Welcome to the cute bunny drawing tutorial!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Bunny

  1. Draw the oval of the head.

    The first and important step. We draw by the example of the picture. It is quite simple to draw, the main thing is not to forget to make a pronounced part where the bunny’s nose and mouth will then to draw a bunny face

  2. Draw the bunny ears.

    Draw lines in straight lines from the head until the moment when you need to round off the ends of the bunny’s ears. Do not forget that the ear, which is visually closer, should look larger in the to draw a bunny for kids

  3. Draw the lines of the torso.

    From above, go down in a semicircle to the place where the tail will be. There select the tail in the same way as shown in the picture. After that, you can even draw the lower part with a ruler, but closer to the head the line needs to be broken and made to draw a bunny rabbit

  4. Bunny paws.

    Probably one of the easy steps in this drawing lesson of a bunny. Repeat exactly as shown in the picture below the text. Each new step is shown in light to draw a bunny realictic

  5. Hind legs.

    We start with a semicircle, which will be the bent part of the bunny’s paw. After that we draw the paw of the bunny and draw the lower part of the paw with a ruler.If you look closely at this step, it looks like the outline of a dolphin’s head. It looks to draw a bunny step by step

  6. Erase the excess.

    Compare your drawing with the one shown in this step number six. Sort out any excess left over from the drawing process. Is that correct? Go to step number to draw a bunny art for beginners

  7. Detail the face.

    Draw the almond eye as shown in the illustration for this step. After that, draw a detail of the bunny’s ear, which will visually make the ear more voluminous. We finish this step by drawing the nose of the bunny and its to draw a bunny eyes

  8. Details of the paws.

    This step is extremely simple, you just need to draw lines that will separate the fingers on the bunny’s paws. After that, we make points on the face of the bunny, these are the places where whiskers grow on the to draw a bunny cartoon

  9. Check the result.

    This is the step to check the pattern. Make sure everything turned out right and beautifully in your opinion. Like? So you can start coloring your to draw a bunny easily

  10. Color your bunny drawing.

    Let’s move on to coloring the bunny. You can use any tool you like to color your drawing. For example, markers, pencils or paints. You can also choose a different color for the picture, and not the one we showed in our to draw a bunny rabbit step by step easy

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