How to Draw a Book for Kids

Here you will learn how to draw a book easy enough even for kids. This lesson will show you in detail and step by step how to draw a cartoon book.

How to Draw a Book for Kids
How to Draw a Book Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this eight-step instruction, you will learn how to draw a book for kids. Reading is one of the most popular human leisure activities. Literature has a variety of genres and trends, and the number of books in the world has long been impossible to count. Without books, it would be impossible to convey information, so this is an important component of the modern world. People have been writing books for a long time, but today we will learn to draw this creation of mankind. This skill can be useful to you in your artistic endeavors and will help you to pump your drawing skills.

Despite the many pages, the book is quite simple and easy to sketch if you follow these instructions. We will do it with you in 8 steps! Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Book for Kids

  1. Draw the papers of the book.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the two open pages of the book. Draw the upper curved lines first, then add side straight lines, and at the end draw the lower part.Step by Step Book Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add the gutter.

    Draw the straight line for the gutter of the book, which should be right down the middle.Book Drawing Easy

  3. Add the text block.

    Now draw a large text block as shown.Book Easy Drawing

  4. Add details.

    Now add the lines for the corners of the book and the detail.Book Step by Step Drawing

  5. Draw the cover.

    Now you need to add the lines of the book cover that follow the shape of the book.How to Draw an Easy Book

  6. Paper lines.

    Add paper lines on the lower edge of the book.How to Draw a Book Simple

  7. Side details.

    Now add paper lines from the side edges of the book.How to Draw a Book Easy

  8. Color the book.

    Use a black marker to trace the outlines of the sketch. Then color your drawing with your drawing supplies.
    How to Draw a Book

If you want to get even better at drawing, then you need to practice more often. We invite you to do this with us and our step-by-step drawing lessons.

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