How to Draw a BMW Z4

In this drawing tutorial, we will show How to Draw a BMW Z4 step by step, which allows you to easily draw a sports car.

How to Draw a BMW Z4 Simple
How to Draw a BMW Z4 Step by Step

Hi everyone! In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a BMW Z4 step by step. We tried to make the BMW drawing tutorial simple and at the same time detailed, so that artists, regardless of age and skill, could easily draw a BMW Z4 step by step.

Let’s find out a little more about this car before we start drawing a BMW. BMW Z4 is a two-seater sports car of Bavarian production. For the first time, this model was presented in 2002 at the Paris Motor Show and even then it fell in love with many motorists around the world with its special appearance and technical characteristics. I especially liked the version with a retractable roof, it was such a BMW Z4 convertible that was drawn in this drawing guide.

The car was last restyled in 2018. On the exterior, this is especially noticeable in the aggressive headlights and sporty bumpers, which can be seen in our tutorial. As for the interior, the cabin has an updated center console and dashboard.

Let’s move on to the lesson and draw a BMW Z4 step by step. The main thing is not to rush, look at each of our every stage and follow our recommendations.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a BMW Z4

  1. Draw baselines.

    Draw the baselines that form the basis of the outline of the BMW Z4 drawing. Please note that the back is narrower and keeps the proportions.
    Sports Car Sketching Tutorial

  2. Draw the convertible roof and wheels.

    Since we have a BMW convertible, the roof will be open accordingly. So draw the windshield pillar, without going over to the roof. It is also necessary at this stage to draw the wheel arches and the wheels themselves.
    Sports Car Sketch Guide

  3. Draw the lines of the body.

    First, draw the lines for the door and the side mirror. In the front part, first, draw the headlights in the shape of an elongated oval, and then connect the headlights with a straight line, this way we will draw the line of the hood.
    BMW Sports Car Sketch Tutorial

  4. Car design lines.

    First, sketch out the taillight and door handle as shown in our picture. Then draw the lines of the wheels and body to give a more aggressive realistic look.
    How to Draw a BMW Sports Car

  5. Front part of BMW.

    The next step in the drawing of the BMW Z4 is to draw the front of the car: the bumper, the grille, and the air intake. Try to take your time in drawing and draw in detail all the sports elements of the body.
    BMW Z4 Sketch Tutorial

  6. Draw headlights and other body elements.

    In this step, you need to draw the headlight lenses, the air intake grille, and the gas tank hatch. After that, draw the outline of the wheel rims for a more detailed drawing of the wheels in the next step.
    BMW Z4 Draw Tutorial

  7. Draw the wheels.

    We need to finish painting the rims of the wheels and body elements. You can use the design of wheel rims the same as in the picture, or dream up and come up with something individual.How to Drawing BMW Z4

  8. Final touches.

    The BMW Z4 drawing is ready, it remains only to erase the extra lines and, if necessary, add shading touches to give the car drawing a more realistic look.
    BMW Z4 Drawing Tutorial Easy

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