How to Draw a BMW 6 Gran Coupe

This is a drawing tutorial for BMW 6 Gran Coupe for beginners and advanced! Learn how to draw a BMW 6 Gran Coupe with

how to draw a bmw 6 gran coupe easy
how to draw a bmw 6 gran coupe step by step

Welcome to, friends! Before you is another drawing lesson dedicated to instructions about BMW because we still have many guides on different BMW models. And in this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a BMW 6 Gran Coupe! A very beautiful and elegant car, isn’t it?

This car is called a four-door coupe. BMW company wanted to provide a competitor Mercedes CLS and Audi A7. Write in the comments which of these cars you like most. Scroll down and under the guide, you will see a section for comments. By the way, the car is not small, its length is about 5000 mm, and the width is almost 1900 mm.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a BMW 6 Gran Coupe

  1. Draw the basic contour.

    Let’s start drawing the BMW 6 Grand Coupe with the drawing of the contour. Draw it for example from the first step.gran turismo drawing tutorial

  2. Windows and wheel contours.

    Draw first windows of your Sketch BMW 6 Grand Coupe, and then draw the rounded circuits of the wheels.coupe car drawing tutorial

  3. Draw the doors and headlamps.

    Now draw parts of the car body, first of all, the doors depicting, and then the headlamps and the rest of the small details of the comfort coupe drawing tutorial

  4. Draw a BMW radiator.

    First, draw the details of the car, it is the drawing of the BMW radiator. Then draw the contours of the car’s art tutorial easy

  5. Front details.

    Draw the radiator grille, depict small parts of the car headlights and other parts on the tutorial for beginners

  6. Draw the body lines.

    Any machine has on its body various design lines, it is these lines that you need to highlight in this step. See an example from a step that is shown in blue lines and repeat it on your 6 drawing tutorial

  7. Draw BMW rims.

    Now draw the BMW 6 Grand Coupe discs, following the example from this car how to draw

  8. Shadows, hatches or color.

    Congratulations! Sketch you did, you left to add shadows and strokes to detail the pattern. If you want a color drawing, you pull out this sketch using your favorite coloring accessories, such as colored to draw a bmw 6 series for beginners

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