How to Draw a BMW 3 GT

In this step by step and easy guide, you will learn how to draw a BMW 3 GT. Develop your drawing skills with!

how to draw a bmw 3 gt for beginners
how to draw a bmw 3 gt step by step
BMW 3 GT Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

Drawing lesson for beginners and everyone who wants to develop their skill in drawing cars. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a BMW 3 GT in eight easy steps. This simple lesson is not a difficult level, so everyone can depict this car. To draw, you need to use a pencil and a marker or fountain pen and ink to trace the sketch.

This model is one of several types of Gran Turismo, which are represented in the model range of this German brand. These cars are often five-door cars called liftbacks. These cars are very well suited for long journeys, their main feature is a large and roomy trunk, the door of which opens very conveniently and high.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a BMW 3 GT

  1. Draw basic shape.

    Start by drawing the basic shape of the outline of the car. This shape will give you an idea and understanding of where and in what proportion to draw the rest parts.easy car drawing for kids

  2. Draw the parts of the car.

    We start drawing the first parts of the car. First of all, it is the shape of the windows, round wheels, and sketching easy

  3. Car’s doors.

    Now draw the lines of the doors, draw the mirrors, and a line that separates the hood and the front of the car.sketching easy cars

  4. The front part of the BMW 3 GT.

    Now you need to draw parts of the front axle of the car, for this, illustrate a radiator, then draw a license plate, and so on. In your country, the shape of the license plate may differ from this, so depict the one you drawing for beginner

  5. Side part details.

    Start with the doors. Draw the handles and the rest of the door details. After that, draw rounded shapes for the car’s wheels sketching

  6. Draw small details.

    Draw lines on the radiator grille of the BMW 3 GT, then illustrate the details of the headlights, and also do not forget to draw the details of the bumper, and fog to sketch car easy

  7. Draw BMW 3 GT rims.

    Now you need to draw the wheels for the BMW 3 GT. Don’t forget about the proportions we showed in the example. Check all blue lines in this step example. sketching cars line art

  8. Finish step of BMW 3 GT sketching.

    Add shadows, and hatches to the sketch for detail. If you want, you can color your BMW artwork.
    how to draw a bmw 3 gt

To improve your illustration and sketching skills very well, you need to constantly practice and train your hand. Your hand has a memory, you can train it by drawing everything that surrounds you in everyday life.

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