How to Draw a BMW 1 Series

In this step by step guide, you will learn how to draw a BMW 1 Series step by step. Scroll down to check out the entire tutorial!

how to draw a bmw 1 series
how to draw a bmw 1 series step by step
BMW 1 Series Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

Friends, we are glad to see you in this tutorial on how to draw a BMW 1 Series! In addition to many other cars, we have drawn this beautiful compact BMW, which is in no way inferior to all its competitors. Everyone is used to this hatchback model, but there is also a four-door sedan model that is not so popular. For our drawing lesson BMW 1 Series, we took this particular four-door model.

The drawing is quite simple, so both beginners and even kids can take a pencil and at least try to illustrate this car. The entire instruction is divided by the team into eight clear steps. Each new step is shown in blue bright color, so you will not mix anything up. Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a BMW 1 Series

  1. Draw the basic image of the BMW 1.

    As a standard, start by drawing the basic shape of the car. Repeat all proportions and images.compact car drawing

  2. Car parts.

    Now draw the main parts of the car – the windows, the shape of the headlights, and the round wheels.compact car easy drawing

  3. Draw the doors.

    Have you painted the windows? Now you need to draw the lines of the doors, the car is four-door, so you need to draw four doors accordingly. In addition to the doors, also draw the side doors drawing easy

  4. Draw the front.

    Illustrate a BMW radiator and front bumper parts. If the license plate looks different in your country, then depict it the way it looks like in your drawing for kids

  5. The shape of the rims.

    Draw the handles on the doors, the sidelines, and the rounded outlines of the rims.simple car drawing tutorials

  6. Small details.

    Following the example in the blue steps, draw small details of the front of your BMW sketch.easy cars drawing for beginners

  7. Draw the rims.

    Depict the BMW rims, then add the rest of the

  8. Sketching finish.

    Add shadows to the sketch for detail. If you want, you can to draw bmw 1 series

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