How to Draw a Big Ship

In this drawing step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a big ship. This drawing guide is great for hobbyists and aspiring artists.

How to Draw a BIg Ship
How to Draw a BIg Ship step by step

Hello young painters! Today we will teach you how to draw a big ship. With this tutorial, you will be able to draw this drawing without any problems!

Perhaps the theme of ships is one of the most popular in painting. What are some of the paintings “Wave sea with sailing ships” by Simon de Vliger “Sailboat” by Caspar David Friedrich. But it is worthwhile to understand that these are pictures of ships of the 19th century, and we will draw a modern cargo ship. Large cargo ships operate on waterways and can have various sizes and a carrying capacity of 500 thousand tons. The most common tankers are for the transportation of oil and oil products or food cargo.

Follow the instructions and you will have a drawing of the ship!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Big Ship

  1. Draw the main outline of the ship.

    The ship has a straight and long outline, so you can use a ruler to keep the drawing straight.
    Big Ship Sketching

  2. Draw the load.

    Since we are drawing a cargo ship, draw containers and a captain’s bridge to it.
    Big Ship Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the outline of the containers.

    Draw the outline of the containers and draw a flag on the top of the bridge. Try to keep the lines straight.
    Big Ship Drawing Guide

  4. Add details.

    Adding details to containers and the captain’s bridge: draw a window and add new containers in the same way.
    Big Ship

  5. Trace the outline of the ship.

    We outline the drawing of the ship with a darker color in order to make it stand out. We try to circle each contour of the drawing.
    Draw a Big Ship

  6. Coloring the drawing.

    Choose a color to your liking, as in this case any will do. The main thing is to make the base of the ship a dark color.
    Cartoon Big Ship Drwaing

That’s all, the drawing of the wonderful ship is ready! If you like this tutorial, post your results on social networks and watch other drawing lessons.

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