How to Draw a Baby Lion

Start drawing and practice your skills with us! In this guide, you will learn how to draw a baby lion very easily.

baby lion step by step drawing tutorial
how to draw a baby lion step by step

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw a baby lion in a cartoon style. Lions are one of the largest carnivorous felines. There are several varieties of these predatory animals. Each of them differs in certain features, but also has similarities that unite them. Lions rest for about 20 hours in a whole day, and at this time they are not busy with anything. At night, lions go hunting, but even during the hunt, they often rest to gain strength. These were interesting facts about these predators, and now you can move on to drawing the animal. Enjoy drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Baby Lion

  1. Basic shape.

    Begin by drawing the basic shape of the lion’s head, which is drawn using an oval shape.Lion Drawing Guide for Kids

  2. Add ears.

    Now draw the ears on the lion’s head as shown.Lion Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

  3. Eyes and nose.

    Now add round eyes and a triangular nose to the lion’s face.Lion Drawing Tutorial for Kids

  4. Add details.

    In the eyes, add details that reflect the light in the eyes. After that, detail the lion’s face using two curved lines.Lion Face Drawing

  5. Draw the mane.

    Around the lion’s head, draw a mane in the same way as shown in the example from step.How to Draw a Lion Head

  6. Shape of the body.

    Draw a simple lion’s body shape like in the example.How to Draw an Easy Baby Lion

  7. Add the tail.

    Draw a small lion’s tail. And also add the details of the ears.Step by Step Baby Lion Drawing

  8. Add forelegs.

    Now sketch out the front legs of the lion. In addition, you need to add a detail of the lion’s tail.Baby Lion Drawing Tutorial

  9. Color your artwork.

    Now you need to color your artwork with your favorite coloring supplies. Before coloring, we recommend that you trace the contours of the cute lion sketch with an ink pen or marker.
    How to Draw a Baby Lion

Your cute lion drawing is ready. We will be glad if you continue to draw animals using our step by step drawing lessons. Have a great day and mood!

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