How to Draw a 4×4

Learn how to draw a 4×4 step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for beginners. Also, draw lots of other cars of different brands and models with us!

How to Draw 4x4 Car for Beginners
How to Draw a 4x4 Step by Step

Welcome to the car drawing guide, in which you will learn how to draw a 4×4 car. Today we will try to draw a drawing of an off-road car. A car of this type is distinguished by the fact that it is easiest to pass rough terrain or off-road on it, and there are also various competitions on such cars in which people drive through mud, snow, sand, and other off-road.

For automotive inspiration, you can check out Salvador Dalí’s Special Car and Dressed Car. These pictures perfectly convey and show the structure of the machine. In addition, it is worth noting the interesting and creative ideas of ​​these paintings.

In order for the result of the painting to be excellent, we advise you to follow all points of the instructions. But a creative and individual approach is not prohibited!

Good luck!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a 4×4

  1. Let’s draw the car frame.

    Draw the upper part of the outline of the car. The frame is the part of the car that supports the entire structure, so it must be very strong and reliable.Drawing Tutorial 4x4 Cars

  2. The lower part of the car.

    Draw the bottom of the outline of the car, which also includes the wheel arches of the SUV.4x4 Car How to Draw Easy

  3. Let’s draw the wheels for our car.

    A car won’t go anywhere without wheels. In our case, we have a 4×4 car, and it has one extra spare wheel in the back.How to Draw a 4x4 Easy

  4. Draw the outlines of doors and windows.

    Try to keep the lines straight and straight. If you can’t do it by hand, use a ruler.How to Draw a 4x4 offroad

  5. Draw the car windows.

    Draw car windows following the example.4x4 Offroad Car Drawing Tutorial

  6. Trace the contours.

    Trace the lines of the car you drew. This will make your sketch clearer and easier to paint.4x4 Car Drawing Tutorial

  7. Coloring a drawing of a 4×4 car.

    You can choose any colors for coloring, we chose white, and orange. How to Draw 4x4

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